Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Art Market at Holmfirth- June 10th 2012

Over the past month or so I have been so busy preparing for The Art Market at Holmfirth Indoor Market which happened last Sunday. I was working none stop to get everything ready, not only my work but me and my brother (mainly my brother)have been working on boards to present my work on, as unlike an fairs which I have done so far, the art market has market stalls, which I really like and I was able to think about height for my work. I was really nervous about them and if they were too big or too small.

When I got to Holmfirth everyone was so friendly and really interested in the Art work and there are so many talented artists exhibiting their work.  A really friendly, interesting and great art market.

And some very exciting news! I won ‘Outstanding Artist Award’ on Sunday at the Art Market; I was so shocked that I won this award with so many amazing artists there. I really wasn’t expecting it and it really means a lot! With my award I get a stall at the next Art Market in November and also mentoring off the wonderful Fiona Pattison fromHappy4PR. Really looking forward to November and hopefully my new product will be done and refined by then.

Here is a podcast done by Fiona Pattison with me and winning my award.

Thank you very much to Ffion Atkinson for the pictures who was taking wonderful snaps thoughout the day!

If you are free on Sunday 24th June go see some amazing artists at The Art Market, you wont be disappointed!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Fab work XX and there was me thinking that you went to uni just to make 'pots!!' really impressed with your work . when do i place my xmas order thats my inlaws sorted but it will have to be chickens !!

  2. BTW its not emma its Pauline :)