Saturday, 30 April 2011

Just a little update!

Just a little up date about the work am doing at the moment! Its still based on milkman and my milkround, but I am concentrating on developing my surface pattern work, bring more detail in to it. I have been drawing doorsteps as they are iconic to the Milkman. Another reason why I want doorsteps in my work is because the UK sales of milk to the doorstep is just 4.7% and supermarkets are riding high with over 80% of milk sale, I want to bring peoples milk back to the doorstep. Here is a taster of drawings which will be screen printed when I get back to uni on Tuesday!

Am quite happy with the outcome of these drawings and developments, very excited to get printing them. What I hope to do is have the doorsteps as the background and then apply the applique milkman/woman over the top. Also I plan to have some just black and white printed up as well.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Hollie Brown

I can't get enough of Hollie Brown's surface pattern work. I love love it! I first saw Hollie's work at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair back October, and I still keep referring to it in my work. I love the layers in which she uses in her work, and the sketches are to die for. The kooky characters in her work, remind me of my elderly milk customers on the round. I think this is another reason why I adore Hollie Brown's work so very much. 'Betty Loves Tea' collection is my favourite, which is an award winning collection and I can totally understand why!
Betty Loves Tea

Sunny Day

Free As A Bird

A Sailor Went To Sea

No Milk Today Minor Project

For this project my inspiration came from my job which is delivering milk on my father's milkround, I am a modern Milk Girl. I wanted to show people that milkman are still about and that soon enough there will be no more. Also I want to use the milk notes which we get in from customers as the different handwriting is so visually appealing. I created textile pieces based on my doucmenting of the milkround, and also ceramic vessels which were half a milk bottle with my very only ceramic transfers on them.

Thursday, 28 April 2011