Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Drum Roll Please for my Website!!

I was like to introduce to you my very first website, I have been slowly learning how to use it and what not. Soon enough there will be online store where you will be able to purchase some of my work, which is very exciting!
Feels like ages since I have written a blog as so much has happened in those few weeks. I have some very exciting news; I have now started my 3 month artist residency at Smithy Studios in Glossop which is very nice to have somewhere creative to go and be creative, and the journey in also gives me time to update my blog (or fall asleep).  The studio is a fantastic space with a lovely kiln that keeps us warm, I have only been in there a 3 weeks and already put a bisque and transfer kiln firing on (with some help from the wonderful Catherine Carr) In addition we have converted the garage in to what my dad likes to call ‘the office’ where I can do my drawings, screen-printing and applique work, I seem to live in there when am not at the studio.  And YES you heard right I know can screen-print from home!! I love screen printing, it’s so relaxing and I have been very eager to get my screens so I could get printing!
My lovely studio

My Office in the Garage
I am starting to develop new work based on butchers and the decline of butchers on the local high street, so I have spent a few days filming in a butcher in Mansfield, Nottingham so I can start illustrating. I want my new work to include slab built vessels, so hopefully in a few months they will be developed and ready to show you.
No Milk Today work is progressing too; I am creating more original textile wall pieces which are coming along nicely ready for THREE craft fairs I am exhibiting at!! BREAKING NEWS!!! I have the delight to have the opportunity to show and sell my work at South Hill Park Craft and Design Fair, Bracknell, Craft in the City, Nottingham, and Merge Contemporary Craft Fair, Oundle. So I have been really busy preparing for them, creating a mug and mug cosies which look really nice, my upcycling work is developing well with a range of blue and green cups and saucers, I am also doing coffee cups and pots.
I went on a trip to Origin at the end of September; it was amazing so many very talented crafters, Catherine Carr with her amazing glass, Abigail Brown who I was really looking forward to seeing and it didn’t disappoint, and Jennifer Collier with her unique paper sculptures.
I also have a few exhibitions coming up which is exciting and my work is currently until the end of the week in an exhibition Cheeky Stitches at Punch Gallery in the Corner House in Nottingham. It is a really lovely space and all the other artists are so friendly and very talented.

Thanks for reading!!

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